Colombia is a unique country, rich in natural resources, rich in biodiversity, an important exporter of cocoa, emeralds, bananas, coal and an emblematic resource of the country that every self-respecting Colombian knows and drinks: coffee.

Those who live in and visit Colombia will observe that there are coffee shops in different parts of the city, and that in the early morning hours they will probably always find someone drinking coffee.

Coffee is the ideal companion for breakfast, for a truffle or a chocolate, ideal for reading a newspaper, watching the news and even a typical companion for those who smoke a cigarette during the day.

Coffee for sleep, coffee for anxiety, coffee for the cold, coffee with a friend, coffee for conversation.

At this point there are those who perhaps know little and will ask themselves, but what is it, where does coffee come from and how does it end up being a rich beverage?

“Coffee is the beverage prepared by infusion from the seeds of the fruit of the coffee trees, duly processed and roasted. It is characterized by a pleasant aroma and flavor and is widely consumed worldwide.

The coffee tree is a tropical shrub with green leaves belonging to the Rubiaceae family and genus Coffea spp. that grows in areas of moderate humidity at 600 to 1,200 meters above sea level.” Definition extracted from the Scielo web page, entitled some truths about coffee.

This product is not only a typical beverage of our country, it is a symbolic product that is part of our culture and traditions that undoubtedly characterizes the Colombian people.

To drink a good coffee is a “patch”, an experience that every person or visitor should live and know. Probably after that, in your mornings or in a quality afternoon you will not miss drinking your coffee.

If you want to know more about this emblematic product of Colombia the private tour of Guatapé + coffee tour is perfect to experience in a coffee farm the process of cultivation and production of coffee.

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