“He who does not know his history is condemned to repeat it (Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana).”

The Pablo Escobar tour is characterized for being a tour full of history, but not a made-up history, perhaps like that of the series or movies, but with a narrative from the truth and from the marks of pain that this character left to all the victims of violence at that time and their families, it should be noted that this tour has something paradoxical and interesting and is to see the “two faces of Pablo Escobar” or how his story is polarized in the different places we visit.

Start of the tour

The tour begins in the park of the inflection, a symbolic place that comes to life with the narrative that makes the guide of all those events that are written on the memorial wall of the park. The wall shows the bombs that were planted during that time of violence in the city. The content of the wall, together with the history that the guide tells us, brings you to the cruelty of living in those times in Medellin.

There is more there…

If you have seen the Pablo Escobar series, many of the facts told will be familiar to you, but this time you will understand it from a perspective based on reality and not what we believe could have been a fictional movie. This shocking story was real and is still fresh in the memories of many of the survivors of those times and their families.

Jardines Montesacro Cemetery

In this tour we will also visit the cemetery where this character and his family are buried, which hundreds of tourists and locals visit.

At this point of the tour many people are shocked, reflecting or interested more about this character, since perhaps some had heard about the story of Pablo, but no, of all the violence and hundreds of atrocious deeds that this man did and are inconceivable for Colombians.

Pablo Escobar Neighborhood

As in all stories, not everything is always “bad”. For Medellin Best Tour it is important for visitors to know the Pablo Escobar neighborhood, since this is the place where we see the polarity of the story, from a symbolic place like the inflection park which alludes to the pain left by this man, to a place where many residents and their families remember Pablo Escobar with admiration and gratitude.

To end the tour we went to the place where for millions of people on December 3, 1993 ended that ordeal.
It is interesting and is part of our tour to make known, explain that polarity, in which you can question why in much of the city was considered the most feared man and another part admire him, thank him and even idolize him.

The whole tour is full of stories, open for you to ask questions and learn more about the man who for some was Robin Hood, for others the most feared drug trafficker. But undoubtedly a man who marked the history of an entire country for the pain and wounds he caused and many of them are still open and will remain open. PABLO ESMILIO ESCOBAR GAVIRIA

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