The marks of pain become a symbol of overcoming

Undoubtedly, Comuna 13 is one of the most visited tourist sites by tourists and locals in Medellín.

Its colorful graffiti attracts hundreds of people who visit and walk through it every day.

It is a place full of life, where those who do not know the history would never imagine that, in such a touristic place, full of so much color, talent, beautiful people, one of the most violent events that have marked Medellin had happened; Operation Orion, an “unprecedented military operation in Medellin that left hundreds of arrests, disappearances, displacements and deaths, and an indelible impact on the inhabitants of the Comuna 13” (Radio Nacional de Colombia Saturday October 22, 2022).

Who would have thought that polarities such as violence and peace have history in the same place, that through pain something brilliant can emerge, that remembering from art is better than remembering from a colorless and empty landscape.

Let’s talk a little about the tour
During the beginning of the tour we can see the great affluence of people, even more if we visit it on weekends. Upon entering we can see that there are sales of everything; souvenirs, snacks, liquor, clothing, a myriad of items that you can crave.

It is very interesting how in the middle of streets, alleys, stairs, a whole labyrinth you get to beautiful places where you can see art galleries, graffiti, take beautiful pictures, enjoy a coffee or the most famous Mango biche creams of the commune, which are those of Doña Consuelo. In addition, it is super interesting how what were houses become restaurants and viewpoints where you can appreciate a spectacular view of much of the city.

In short, the words and even the videos and photos that one usually see fall short for the experience you can live there with your family, partner, friends, etc..

For Medellín besttour it is important that all tourists or locals who want to visit commune 13 have a unique and pleasant experience, that they understand how symbolic this place is, even more so for the community that lives there, that they understand that the graffiti have a meaning and are not there just because, that in the end the people who live in the commune had to leave the violence and that is why there are so many initiatives that contribute to the construction of peace in the territory.

For the above and the great human quality of the guides in the service, which highlights the guides of M.B.T. this tour with Medellín besttour is not just a tour, it is to live an unforgettable experience.

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