“I don’t feel this as a job because I really enjoy it”.

After several years of working in my profession as an industrial engineer, and working for different companies in Medellin and other places, I realized that I was not really enjoying what I was doing. I realized that I was working more than 8 hours a day of my life in something that did not make me feel very good, and was not in tune with who I am.

About two and a half years ago, in the Whatsapp status of a very close friend, there was an ad for a company in Medellin that was in need of a bilingual guide, that day I contacted the person and explained that I was bilingual, but had no experience as a tour guide.

This person understood the situation and decided to teach me some things about tour guiding, he also took me to some tours in Medellin like: Pablo Escobar Tour. Tour of the comuna 13 and City Tour. For a value much lower than the market, this person began to delegate me some tours of his company. Little by little I was learning, and although I did not earn a lot of money, I understood that it was an excellent opportunity to learn about Tourist Guidance in my beloved city of Medellin.

After accumulating a year of experience, I decided to form my own company Medellin Best Tours and start doing all these tours in the city of Medellin by myself. I believe that being able to do tours in Medellin and at the same time show people from all over the world my city, has become my passion. And as I tell my clients when we are touring Medellin, “I don’t feel this as a job because I really enjoy it”.

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