By: Mauricio Martinez.

In no way is it intended to be an apology for crime.

For several years now, Medellín has become quite a tourist city, people from all over the world come to the city of eternal spring attracted by many of its charms, activities and different tours that they can take.

Among these we can highlight: the nightlife in Provence, the great gastronomic variety, Guatape, commune 13 and of course the historical tour of Pablo Escobar.

The Pablo Escobar tour has become one of the most desired by tourists, especially after the great popularity of the series that have been produced about Pablo’s life, such as: The Patron of Evil and Narcos.

I then want to clarify some important things to many people who have not yet visited Medellín and who in some way have reservations or do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​taking a tour related to this macabre character Pablo Escobar.

• At our travel agency @medellinbesttours2020, we do this tour so that people understand how this history of violence was experienced in Medellín.

• In no way is it intended to be an apology for crime.

• We do not want to show Pablo Escobar as an idol or a hero to follow.

• We take a historical tour, with the purpose of understanding what happened, so that in no way does this happen again.

• We take special care to commemorate the victims of all this violence that plagued us for several years.

Now you know what you can expect if you come to Medellin, and take the Pablo Escobar tour with our agency @medellinbesttours2020.

Que opinas de la trágica historia que vivió Medellín en aquella época?

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