By: Mauricio Martínez

My experience as a tour guide on Pablo Escobar’s tour in Medellin

For approximately two and a half years, at Medellin Best Tours @medellinbesttours2020 we have been doing the Pablo Escobar tour in the city of Medellín, during this time, we have learned many more things about the history of Pablo Escobar, and additionally, about the type of information with which tourists come to Medellín interested in taking this tour.

As a local to Medellín, and as someone who lived in the city in the late 80s and early 90s, I had some knowledge about the acts of violence that happened during these years, but since I am working as a tour guide, Taking the Pablo Escobar tour, I have been able to delve much deeper into this violent story that took place in Medellín.

I have read different books and I have seen many videos of the many people who have spoken about Pablo Escobar, such as: His son, His wife, his brother, former president Gaviria, Popeye, among many others. All this information has enriched my Tour script in a very positive way, and at the same time it has given me the possibility of understanding all these events much better, and all this violence that hit my city.

From the series and films that have been created about the life of Pablo Escobar, I have understood with my experience as a guide on this Tour, that somehow not only do they fail to show reality, but also through them they end glorifying this macabre character who did so much damage in Medellín.

An example of the above, I have demonstrated it when some tourists who have only been informed through these shows, make all kinds of comments to me, which let me know that they really do not have true knowledge about who Pablo Escobar was, and about him. great damage he did to Medellín and Colombia. For example, the Netflix series called Narcos, in which the first two seasons tell the story of Pablo Escobar, not only has too many inaccuracies, but it is very clear that they are only interested in producing something Hollywood style.

Many of my tourists have arrived with a very wrong idea of ​​what Pablo Escobar really was. It is for this reason that in my tourism agency M.B.T (Medellin Best Tours), we always try to clarify the history of violence to people, and more importantly, we ensure that this character is never again seen as a hero or as something positive.

Corrección histórica, el director de El Espectador, Don Guillermo Cano no murió en la explosión de la bomba contra el diario, el murió mucho antes asesinado por sicarios saliendo del diario. Comentario realizado por @Sergioandi13